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About me: My name is Ronald Kötteritzsch, I was born in Leipzig in 1961. My wife and I, we love to live here. Having emerged from behind the Iron Curtain in 1989, Leipzig has become a truly exciting and charming city, and a fun place to live. Originally I studied modern linguistics. Later on, I started a career in the meetings & convention industry where I am still working in the field of marketing and PR. A favourite leisure pursuit of mine is ballroom dancing: a hobby that I love to share with my wife. Another one of my passions is painting. After all, this is what these web pages are all about. Some of my watercolour artwork, acrylic paintings and drawings are displayed in various themed galleries. 

My pictures: Throughout my journeys, my sketchbook and watercolour pad have always been my faithful ompanions. Thus I create my own personal souvenirs of other cities, countries and landscapes. Unlike those holiday snaps which are quickly taken and quickly forgotten, a painted picture will always continue bringing back to me precious memories of the things I have seen: light and shadow, the smells in the air, or the people who travelled in my company or who talked to me while I was painting. Of course, I keep finding nice things to paint in my hometown Leipzig as well.

Café Herzog, Leipzig
- since January 2002: various exhibitions

Medical Bath Dorotheenplatz Leipzig
- October 2006 - November 2007: Watercolours from Leipzig and other places
Hotel Breitenfelder Hof
- January 2008: Breitenfelder Hof New Year Art Exhibition
Keßler Real Estate Solutions, Leipzig
- opened September 2008: Leipzig Pictures, Travel Pictures
Art Landscape Gallery, Petersberg Museum:
- January - March 2011: Landscapes of Central Germany (group exhibition)
Messehaus Gallery (Leipzig Trade Fair)
- July 4 - end of 2011: Leipzig Pictures - Travel Pictures

Bernd Bräuer Verlag Publishers - Weinstube am Brunnen, Leipzig 04249
- March 15 - July 19, 2014: Cityscapes

Edsor Flagship Store, Leipzig 04109
- April 8 - August 26, 2016: My Favourite Leipzig Places

NdK - Nacht der Kunst (Night of the Arts), Georg-Schumann-Straße
- September 3, 2016: Leipzig between Ruins and Turn-of-the-Century Splendour

By the way: The great painter Edvard Munch once said "For an artist, praise may turn out to be a dangerous thing". Anyway, comments in my guestbook are always appreciated...





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